Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Learning Outcome 4_Encourage the development of a portfolio of experimental drawings for interviews

I believe my finals could be used in an experimental portfolio, although I am not that happy with my piece with the diver. With the previously posted examples of work perhaps being out on 1 or 2 pages to show examples of my mark making exercises, experimentation, ideation techniques etc

Learning Outcome 3_Enable students to develop a clear and communicative drawing style.

I believe these images show a clear painting and drawing drawing style, whilst effectivly communicating my intended direction as explained in earlier posts in more detail.

Learning Outcome 2: Enable students to use drawing and artist techniques to describe observed and imaginary situations.

I believe these pictures show both observed and imagined scenes using appropriate drawing and artistic techniques.

Learning Outcome 1_Identify the basic elements of visual stimulus

The goal of an artist is to create a reaction or feeling in the viewer of the work, a visual stimulus. In order to do this the artist can uses many methods that help with the 'visual stimulus' of the viewer. Firstly how colours are used can have a strong impact on the mood and effectiveness of the piece.

In the above painting by Turner a muted desaturated colour palette of blues, yellows, and reds creates a moody atmosphere, and helps emphasize the stormy scene taking place. As well as evoke feelings of bleakness. This is further enhanced by the low light in the painting, with a sort of spot light from the opening in the clouds landing on the point of interest in the painting (the ship and waves).

Through a use of composition, contrast and lighting Turner leads the viewer through the painting giving them glimpses of various details before they are taken to a new part of the image. This is storytelling in a painting essentially, demonstrating that one of the keys to effectively evoking feelings (a stimulus) in the viewer is to tell them a story.  The artist is taking them on a journey, essentially they are trying get the viewer involved in the work so that they are emotionally invested in the piece.

To summarise an artist uses composition, colour, lighting, tone, form, value, and storytelling in order to evoke a visual stimulus in the viewer. The artist can then use a combination of style, mark making, texture - in traditional media this can be actual texture which adds a form of physical stimuli, scale, levels of detail, and other methods of picture making in order to add other visual stimuli to the piece.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Development work and works in progress

There was no real structure to work I did for this module, I spent a lot of the time experimenting until I can up with a route I wanted to take for my finals.

Mark Making/Abstract texture exersizes

These are the abstract textures, mark making exercises etc we did. We made pens out of cans, used inks, wall paper paste mixed with inks, chinese paper, pen and ink, our hands and so on. I used all of these with different layer modes, cut sections up and so on to create all of the work for this module.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Final artwork for the concept art and development module

'To the bells' cheerful sound; while our sports shall be seen, on the echoing green.'

'Such, such were the joys when we all - girls and boys in our youth-time were seen on the echoing green.'

'The sun does descend, like birds in their nest, are ready for rest, and sport no more seen on the darkening green.'
These are my finals for the concept art and development module. Each caption shows the part of the poem that inspires the illustration. I didn't do direct translations of the words rather the 'feeling' of the words in the poem and trying to represent them within the context of a world of mermaids.

My basic idea was that the children in the story were the mermaids, the old man was a sea king of the mermaids, as time progressed the mermaids gradually turned into more fish like monsters that are mistaken for the mermaids that inspire the modern day legends.

The children playing are the mermaids sadistically playing with sailors, divers, and so on that enter the sea eventually killing them. I believe the poem suggest a prelude to something with a suggestion that this something has happened before, so in this case I felt that the something was a revenge from the humans, maybe some kind of culling of mermaids.

For the finals themselfs I treated the first to (second and third above) as speedpaintings where by I used the mark making exersizes as textures and abstract basis to paint from to create the finals. Similar to the artist Levente Peterffy approach to painting.

For the third one with the diver I thought it would be interesting to try line drawing with flat textures, I think it is the least successful of the 3. I definitely prefer my approach in the first 2, and the line drawing was quiet far from what I usually do so its probably why it didnt turn out as well.